advice for travelling

How to travel and save your money

In the time of crisis vacation becomes something that is more important than anything. For those who have to pay special attention to the prices this year we give tips how to save money when travelling…

Plan your vacation well

If you succeed in avoiding the main weeks of the season, you will save a lot of money. For instance, renting a villa for two weeks in August may be twice as expensive as in June. If you make your reservation without consulting a travel agency in the off-season, or if you book your plane tickets (the prices rise as the time of departure approaches), or if you book a hotel room as late as possible (many hotels offer discounts on the week of arrival), you can reduce the costs a lot.

Apartment exchange

Apartment exchange is one of the best ways to get free accomodation and it works best if you stay at a tourist place. However, you should ask a travel agency for some advice before any agreement.

Compare the websites

The comparation of plane tickets and hotel accomodation on the internet may not show you the real situation, but it will show you the list of prices. This way you can also save a lot for a rent-a-car service.

Buy without taxes

Many countries provide tax refund for the goods bought in certain shops.

Pay attention to the reservation

Most airlines and rent-a-car agencies will charge you additional telephone reservation. Even paying via internet or by credit card will cost you more than paying by debit card.

At a restaurant

The so called daily menus in Spain, France, Austria, Croatia and Italy are mostly cheaper than any order, and local wines are very affordable as well. Moreover, you shouldn`t give a tip in a bar in Europe. In France the service is always included in the price, and the words “servizio incluso” mean that such is the case in Italy, too.

At a cafe

Drinking coffee at a counter costs about a euro and a half, whereas in Italy and in France it may cost four times more. Draught beer is mostly twice as cheap as in a bottle.


You became a diver – what now?

People who have been diving for a long time know how this feels. You have experienced many different sets of conditions, currents, visibility, diving operations, ship captains and friends. There comes a moment, like it does with every hobby, when you ask yourself where to go and what to do next. This is a very common situation and people interpret it differently. One option would be to stop diving and sell all your equipment. It goes without saying, this option means losing a lot of money you invested. If you’re a passionate diver, this won’t be the case for you. Therefore, you will continue diving. In this case, you will still have to change something. If you don’t, you will find yourself pondering upon the same questions again. In the end, you will decide to cure your addiction, which again leads to selling off your equipment.

Options for progress

Which options do you have if you want to continue diving? Basic directions in which you can further develop as a diver are: specialization, missions and technical diving.


This approach is excellent if you constantly strive to improve yourself. This can be related to positioning, photography, fish and coral identification, element spotting and underwater navigation. You should strive towards perfection and do everything as it was meant to be done. You will grow to be a role model to other divers.

As an instructor, you prepare other people to become divers. Remember, someone was preparing you when you took your first breaths from an oxygen tank. If you are a diving enthusiast and want to introduce other people to this lovely sport, then this is the best option you can pick.


If you decide to dive through missions, you will always have a new goal in front of you. You will constantly be focused on new achievements. This can be related to diving on locations where no one dived before, exploration of the world under the sea, or any other activity which provides you with a sense of satisfaction which no other form of diving could.

Technical diving

Last, but certainly not least, technical diving. Depending on your club and environment, this can mean different things. In any case, technical diving implies diving beyond the borders of recreational diving (deeper than 40 meters, oxygen levels above 40% and so on) and it necessarily involves controlled decompression. Next option would be diving with rebrether. That’s actually a closed system where you don’t exhale air in the water, but it’s rather stored and processed to be used again.

Whichever path you choose to take, rest assured this will push the boundaries you previously had and challenge you with another big goal. The price you pay if you become a technical diver is patience you need to exhibit not only with yourself, but your team as well. You also have to undergo rigorous training and constantly be in shape. If you decide to go for this option, make the decision on your own and be aware of all the risks it brings.

Whichever path you take, don’t stop diving. Do everything correctly and enjoy your time underwater.



Kusadasi, Turkey

Kusadasi is located on the northern coast of Aegean sea. Izmir is one of the largest cities in Turkey and Kusadasi is 90 kilometers away from it. It is 150 kilometers away from Bodrum Airport.

Name of the town comes from a smaller island called “the island of birds” with which it is connected by a narrow causeway. This was once a smaller, peaceful place, where fishing was the main source of income. Now it’s one of the main tourist centers of Turkey on the Aegean coast. Around 500 000 tourists come here throughout season.

Greeks, Romans, Persians and Byzantines have all left their mark on this place in history and there are many archeological sites to prove it.

The old fortress from the fifteenth century is nestled close to the city’s beach and is a synonym for this place. There are also old streets paved with cobble, numerous shops and restaurants which serve Turkish specialties.

Kusadasi prides itself with its beaches, of which there are seven, as well with its national park, numerous restaurants and Turkish bars which can be reached with a local variant of mini busses. Center of the city is very vivid and exciting, a perfect setting for night life. Outside of the city are hotels and beaches in a more peaceful environment.

beaches of seashells

Four amazing beaches of seashells

Shells are one of the things that will always remind you of holidays, summer and sea. As it is known, seashells are dead empty shells of marine molluscs, which can be often found on beaches. Most of the beaches in the world are primarily composed of pieces of rock, sand, pieces of sea grass, gravel, small stones. In rare cases the beach can be completely made up of seashells.

On Earth there are such beaches of seashells and we bring you the text of them and also beautiful images…

Shell Beach, the beach made of seashells, is situated 45 kilometers southeast of Denham in Western Australia. The beach streches for unbelievable 120 kilometers! This beautiful snow-white beach is made up of millions of tiny seashells that go up to 10 meters deep!

The seawater in L’ Haridon Bight Bay has a high salinity due to geomorphology and local climate. This high salinity allows shells to multiply out of control, because its natural predators are not adapted well to the salinity of the water and this environment. Seashells are dying their natural way and are beginning to accumulate on the coast, and it has been going on for thousands of years, so that today they are completely covering the entire beach. It is also interesting that seashells on this shore form the entire seabed, which streches for hundreds of meters from the shoreline.

Sanibel Island beach attracts many visitors from all over the world, due to its huge amount of seashells that are situated on the coast. One of the reasons for such a large accumulation of shells in one place is that the barrier of the island Sanibel has orientation east-west while the majority of island has the orientation north-south. So that the island Sanibel looks like a big shovel scooping up all the seashells that Gulf imports from the Caribbean and other southern seas. Each week at peak summer season between 20-30 000 people visit this beach of shells on the Sanibal island and also neighbouring Captiva island. Otherwise, some better and bigger shells can be purchased at local stores. If you looking for best cottages on Sanibel Island you can find it here.

St. Barhs beach made up of seashells, also called Grande Galet, is one of the most popular places and beaches on this island. So that many visitors are coming to admire and see this beach. The beach has a set of unique ordinary shells and conchs shells that are constantly changing and evolving along the coast.

Jeffreis Bay is a place located in the province of Eastern Cape in South Africa. Although it is not so spectacular beach like Sanibel or Australian Shell Beach, Jeffreis Bay is known for its richness of shells and seafood with a large squid. City Museum of shells contains more than 600 species of shells, which makes this museum one of the biggest guardians of the collections of seashells in South Africa that attract lovers of shells from all over the world. Every September the town holds a “Shell” festival (festival of shells). This festival has been held in Jeffreys Bay for over 20 years and it has become a tradition, so that many people from all over the country gather in this small town to celebrate the shell in all its forms.

And to add to the end, Jeffreis Bay is also popular tourist destination because of its surfing opportunities. That is one of the five most famous surfing places in the world.


How to be Joyful

With the assumption that you have many moments in your life when you wanted to be joyful, we will help you to make that a reality.
All you need to do is to listen to advice.

Like most important advice, first you have to do is you should to know how to feel joyful for small everyday things. For example, try to feel joyful when you see clear sunny morning or when youhear the birds chirping.

Nature is full of beauty, and it is a sufficient reason to you should feel jouful. Apart from nature, the reason for this will give you the people around you. Many person loves you for sure, or you are simply important for them. It is a second sufficient reason for your joy and you.

Wherever you are, do not forget one thing, every external reasons on the world for joy, will not be enough if you do not have a enough reason and decision in self of you.
So, you try you remember the time when you were most joyful in your life, and try that feel make back.
Any your joy, will open the way for new joys, which are much stronger and greater than the previous.

Traveling equipment

Traveling equipment

High grade equipment is one of deciding factors when it comes to quality of a trip and a good vacation. Wheels coming off of your luggage coffer, torn backpack or something else can ruin your mood.

Luggage coffers with wheels are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. They are much easier to move around. They have replaced enormous bags which, when filled to the brim, were a challenge to carry around even for the fittest of us.

Symbol of tourists that do not use traveling agency arrangements is their backpack.


Everyone has at least once seen a traveler with a backpack on his back. They have volumes ranging from 30 to 90 liters, so a lot of stuff can be packed inside, but on top and on the sides as well. You can carry your sleeping bag, blankets, footwear and even kitchen equipment in them. They have a lot of small pockets meant for storing little things and keeping them apart from each other. Backpacks can easily become too heavy, so be selective when choosing what you want to carry with you. Prices may wary from 20 to 100 euros. I suggest you find the middle ground and buy a higher quality backpack. It’s worth the investments. Cheaper backpacks may get torn if overburdened or maltreated.

Sleeping bag

Sleeping bag choice depends on the purpose. There are different sleeping bags for high temperature and low temperature environments. It’s also advisable to have a pad for your sleeping bag unless you are sleeping on a warm surface such as wood. Sleeping on concrete or dirt may harm your health. Having a pad is not just good for the additional comfort, but for protecting your body from the cold of the ground as well.

Money belt

Money belt is actually a thin wallet for money, IDs and passports. It’s strongly advisable to carry one with you whenever you go on a trip. It costs around 10 euros. It’s carried below trousers, shorts, skirts and other garments and is therefore much harder to steal.

Swiss army knife

A Swiss army knife can come handy in multiple situations. Depending on the model, it has around 10 functions. Just be careful, you can’t bring it with you on a plane or in a cabin, so make sure you check it in with your luggage.


Sometimes you may get into a situation where place you are staying at doesn’t have proper cutlery or the ones they do are not clean. In that case a set of your own spoons, forks and knives would indeed be handy. We suggest you to buy some plastic ones. Plastic is cheap and very light, so you won’t feel additional burden in your luggage.